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Joe's House LLC. was founded to serve parolees moving back into their communities with clean, convenient, and affordable housing. Individuals re-entering society after incarceration are beset with many challenges, a fact known to many yet often overlooked. However, Joe Howell, owner and operator of all the Joe’s House properties, has navigated the re-entry process successfully, understands the hurdles specific to felons, and has purposed to make good living standards available to as many of these needy Idahoans as possible.

Safe, parole-plan-compliant housing for those who have completed prison terms seems like it should be easily accessible. For those who have experienced the process, however, good options are very limited. The challenges range from overcrowding to high costs and fees, from risky environments to restrictions associated with specific convictions, and many more.

Joe’s House assists men leaving prison, treatment, or traditional transitional housing with the best housing option possible. Many formally incarcerated people need good housing to stabilize their work schedules, their parole stipulations, and their general re-entry. Paroling residents and Case Managers must locate individually matched and viable housing, so Joe’s House works on a case-by-case basis to provide the cleanest, safest, and most affordable housing available.


the lowest possible rates balanced with excellent venues


professionally remodeled and partially furnished


environments of support, rewarding personal effort


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Phil Apt
Phillippi Apt
Phil 5
Phillippi 5-BDR
Phil 8
Phillippi 8-BDR
Quaker Ridge House
Quaker Ridge House
Eagleson House
S. Eagleson House
Franklin House
W. Franklin House
Targee House
W. Targee
Wymer Apt
Wymer Apt
Wymer House
Wymer House