Joe's House

Housing with Dignity

Our Mission

We provide attainable housing options for the previously incarcerated community with dignity, independence, and opportunity for hope.

Rent a Room

Single Rooms are available at eight different locations on The Boise Bench and in Meridian. You do not have to share with others, and all utilities are included!

Apartment & Home Rentals

Are you looking for an apartment or a house to rent? With our growing inventory of luxury single-family residences and relationships with like-minded investment property owners we can help you!

Buy or Sell a Home

Are you interested in buying or selling a home? Or are you not quite ready to buy but want to know more about what you can do today to prepare yourself when the time is right? Our founder, Joe Howell, is a licensed Realtor and whether it’s your first home, dream home, or investment property, we can help you!


The lowest possible rates, balanced with excellent venues.


Professionally remodeled and partially furnished.


Environments of support, rewarding personal effort.

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